Firm Overview

APS Labs, LLC (APS) specializes in the evaluation and monitoring of U.S. and International long-only equity managers. Combining concentrated and highly focused mandates from high-quality and experienced investment managers in providing a complete equity allocation with an objective to consistently outperform the broad equity market over a full market cycle.

APS employs a rigorous, proprietary due diligence process that balances qualitative and quantitative metrics, subjective and objective factors, and art and science, in order to identify outstanding people, firms, and strategies.

APS uniquely identifies and isolates consistent pockets of alpha production from within existing strategies and then creates new sub-strategies (mandates) around those areas. By combining concentrated and differentiated mandates within a Portfolio, APS believes that it is possible to outperform the broad market over a full market cycle.

Each APS strategy is a completely unique equity solution, differentiated by its combination of focus and concentration, and representing a completely long-only equity exposure with high transparency, ample liquidity, and a meaningful level of diversification, while remaining a truly actively-managed portfolio.